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  • Member Spotlight: Shelly Wyman
    Shelly Wyman is a triathlete and member of Club Fitness 24. Read about her recent competitions and future goals. 
  • Member Spotlight: Brandon Kelly
    On June 13th, 2014 Club Fitness 24 member Brandon Kelly competed in the Muncie Half Ironman triathlon. Read more about his goals, race and training. 
  • Member Spotlight!
    We received tremendous feedback from our last Member Spotlight, so we are going to be doing it on a regular basis!  Here are more of our great clients at Club Fitness 24! 
  • Join my good friend David's Lifestyle 180 course, one he developed and has been refining since 1999. Dozens of our members have already graduated David's course successfully. 

    Enroll in Lifestyle 180 and engage the full strength of your T-E-A-M. 
  • Hip Mobility for Better Performance

    In my last article I talked about the benefits of properly warming up via an active dynamic warmup (ADW).  Now im going to take it a step further and expand upon adressing hip-mobility. Effective ADW should also address hip mobility. Not everyone has a job where they are active. Tight or immobile hips can prevent you from squatting, deadlifting, or running effectively or safely. Tight hips during exercise can cause lower back pain, groin pain, and tight hamstrings. Increased mobility means not only increased performance but a better quality of life. 

  • Warm Up to Reach Your Full Potential
    We all want to work out hard to our full potential. We go to the gym after - or if you’re really awesome - before a hard day's work. We walk in, we have our workout all planned out from beginning to end. We know what bar, what rack, or what machine to use for that session. Then – Boom! - we jump into the routine and start out with some light weights. 15 minutes later, we started hitting it hard. Then five minutes later, our back starts to ache, shoulder starts to get inflamed, and our hips feel tight. 

    What happened? We had everything planned out. Except for one thing: the warm-up. 
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